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Graphic Artist and illustrator with 9 years of experience. Communicating through art has been a driving force throughout my life. Due to my unique perspective, spatial relationships have become one of my greatest strengths.


My MIND  is my superpowers!

  1. M for Material Reasoning, which is primarily reasoning about the position, form, and movement of objects 3D space

  2. I for Interconnected Reasoning, which is primarily the ability to spot, understand, and reason about connections and relationships

  3. N for Narrative Reasoning, which is primarily the ability to reason using fragments of memory formed from past personal experience

  4. D for Dynamic Reasoning, which is the ability to accurately predict using patterns derived from experience the future or the unwitnessed past

from the book "Dyslexic Advantage"

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 Did you know?

"According to Ronald Davis, a dyslexic and author of “The Gift of Dyslexia,” verbal thinkers process about five words per second compared to dyslectics who conceptualize 32 images."

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