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owner & Creator...

Cassandra White

An illustrator and graphic artist based in central Florida, Cassandra's creative journey began with encouragement from her elementary art teacher to showcase her artistic abilities with other students from Seminole county in 1994. During her year as a Seminole county student, Cassandra received several awards, ribbons, and honors from various creative contests and showcases. She earned her A.S. in Illustration in 2011 and a Bachelor of Graphic Arts in Commercial Illustration degree in 2013. Although Cassandra has pursued a career in graphics arts, her works of art are influenced chiefly by nature, human movement, and day-to-day life as a creative. In 2016, Cassandra established a small creative service business called Designs & Illustrations by Cassandra White, which quickly expanded to include handmade goods. Currently, she holds the title of Small Business Owner and Graphic Artist (John F. Kennedy Space Center).


1994: 1st Art award (Seminole County Public School)

2007: Last award Seminole County Rotary Club Art Competition
2007: AAA Heathrow Central Florida 2007 (1st major art event/show)
2015: Raw Artist Tampa 2015 (1st public showing of artwork)
2016: Created Design & Illustrations by Cassandra White 
2018: Graphic Art for John F. Kennedy Space Center (NASA)


 Did you know?

"According to Ronald Davis, a dyslexic and author of “The Gift of Dyslexia,” verbal thinkers process about five words per second compared to dyslectics who conceptualize 32 images."

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